About Me

Brandon is a Fashion/Editorial style photographer specializing in Commercial and Personal Portraiture with a background in Russian and Eastern European Studies at the University of Texas in Austin. Brandon fell in love with photography in his Soviet Cinema Course taught by Petr Petrov where he would first encounter Russian cinema giants; Tarkovsky and Zviagnitsev.  That being said, much of Brandon's work is influenced by both Western and Soviet Cinema of the 60's, 70's, and 80's, not to mention British cult classics from the 90's, his favorite being "Snatch" (Dir. Guy Ritchie). 

Brandon's most favored aspect of shooting photos is the act of bringing clothes and subjects into a transient space. He strives to give both the models and garments impactful roles in an environment and situation that are familiar looking, yet distant at the same time.  Some people call this dichotomy, "liminal." Bearing these ideas, Brandon often poses unanswerable questions with his work, all the while maintaining a clear relationship between the balance of purpose, space, and subject






I work out of a local Studio named Austin Cinemaker Space in Central East Austin!  Here, I shoot most of my model tests, personal projects, and commissioned work.  


I have spent the last 6 years in Austin, TX accumulating a portfolio of exciting shoot locations that allows me to produce unique work for people and businesses that prefer a more ambiguous environment, leaving impressions of Industrial Europe, and other worldly landscapes. 

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